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Why Choose A Cloud Based Hosted Phone System?

Cloud based phone systems have many benefits over traditional landline phone service. VoIP services allow you to use the existing Internet service in your office to make calls. No need to install additional wiring. It has many features available as well that you simply can’t perform on a landline service.

What exactly are the benefits of a cloud based phone system for you and your business?

Cost Savings

Small businesses that switch to VoIP reduce the cost of their local calls by up to 40%. Those same small businesses reduce the cost of their international calls by up to 90%.

No matter what your call volume and usage, it’s almost guaranteed that a cloud based phone system will cost you less each month than a landline service.

Unlimited lines are available for businesses with high traffic, while Pay-As-You-Go pricing models can accommodate those businesses who use minutes sparingly. Hosted platforms don’t require you to purchase expensive hardware that needs maintenance and installation, saving you money.

Geographic Flexibility

You don’t have to be next to your desk phone to make calls on a cloud based phone system. Cloud phone systems allow you to work anywhere with an Internet connection. You can set up an IP phone, plug in your laptop, or use a softphone on your smartphone to make phone calls from your cloud phone system. This means you can work from your office, your home, or on the go.

Geographic flexibility is also a great tool for connecting your offices under one phone system. If you have offices in multiple locations, a cloud based phone system can connect your entire company to the same phone service, and have it managed by a single administrator from any location.


Since the components of our cloud based phone system are not all housed in the same location, we offer a low amount of downtime and very few disruptions. Cloud systems can offer this due to geographic redundancy. If there is a power outage in one area or a different issue (like flooding), your service will begin operating from a server in a new location where it has been replicated.

Hosted Service

All you need with a hosted cloud service is an Internet connection and IP phones. Computol offers packages to purchase the IP phones if you do not have any.

This means you won’t have to pay for maintenance of the equipment, mechanical malfunctions, or additional IT hours to keep your system up and running.We have a dedicated support team that can take your questions over the phone or via email. Any day-to-day issues you experience can be answered by our knowledgeable and local staff.

The Age of Cloud Based Phone Systems

Cloud phone systems are becoming increasingly popular for businesses of all sizes. Solutions for small and medium sized businesses, along with enterprise grade options, give customers a new kind of flexibility and reliability when it comes to phone systems. If you think you might benefit from these platforms, it’s never too late to make the switch.

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