Is My Business at Risk?

Our principal objective is to reduce your risks through prevention and mitigation of cyber-attacks. Computol can improve your cyber security. We reduce your risk through the use of a collection of tools, policies, concepts, safeguards, guidelines, risk management approaches, training, best practices, and technologies.

User Training and Education

Employee users are the first line of defense in cyber security. When users are properly informed and trained they will be able to identify suspicious activity and report it through the proper channels.

Network Infrastructure

Our cyber security analysts will improve your network using a layered approach. First your current network is assessed and suggestions are made to overall infrastructure. Security can be tightened through the use of software and hardware to protect your business information.

Security Devices

There are multiple types of cyber security devices that Computol uses. The active devices will block certain types of traffic. We do this primarily using firewalls and switches. The passive devices are outlined below and will identify and report network traffic.

Scanning and Monitoring

Computol uses a unique combination of antivirus scanning devices, content filtering and intrusion detection to thoroughly scan and monitor your network. This level of detail allows us to make adjustments as your network changes and respond immediately to any new threats.

Email: Information in Transit

Data protection and data breaches come down to email in many cases.

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