VOIP/Phone Systems

With Internet-based communication and mobile phones being ubiquitous, your business can benefit from a flexible voice-over-IP (VOIP) phone system that connects your employees to each other – and more importantly – to your customers.

  • Simplified Voice Communications
    Our voice solution delivers a complete hosted phone experience that has all the features of a big phone system in an affordable web hosted solution. There is no phone controller hardware to install or maintain only telephones and a normal connection to the internet.

    You get all the latest phones to choose from and the most powerful features you would want or need from your phone system. We keep the infrastructure updated so you always get the latest capabilities and features.

  • Advantages
    • Reduced operating costs
    • Minimal upfront investment
    • Business-class features available to all users
    • Compatible with a variety of industry standard VoIP phones
    • Includes regular updates and feature enhancements
    • We provide single source VoIP and Network integration
    • Supports home, office and multi-location business offices
    • Multiple locations are treated as one system, allowing extension dialing between all sites
    • Computol provides local support and training
    • Use VoIP enabled devices such as cell phones, tablets, notebooks as your work phone
  • Key Features
    Our phone systems have many features that can offer you unlimited options: call forwarding, voicemail to email, unlimited call sessions with a single number, so your callers will never hear a busy signal, direct dial (DID) capabilities, so extensions aren’t necessary, unlimited ring groups, dial by name directory support, music on hold, conference bridges, and scheduled greetings. These features help your business run more efficiently and in a standardized manner.

    A web-based user portal is used to manage your calls and devices. Our system is compatible with many third-party applications and you’ll likely be able to continue using the same applications you already use. We also offer support for optional call recording and reporting services for monitoring calls and work flow.