Responsive Web Design

If there is one technology that we love most at Computol it’s the web. It’s the lifeblood of so many businesses today, and it has been around long enough that even the most traditional businesses must have an online presence to be taken seriously. With our expertise, we can work with you to help build a website designed to attract customers and promote your business.

  • Web Responsiveness
    Responsive web design is an approach to web design that creates sites that provide the optimal viewing experience for the user. A site with a responsive design adapts to the layout (desktop monitor, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) and provides an easy-to-use platform with minimum scrolling and resizing. All images and text are optimized to make an effortless reading and navigation experience for the user.
  • Mobile User Experience
    Responsive web design is crucial today with mobile phone internet searches surpassing those made from desktops. If your website has not been optimized for the mobile user, you could be missing out on potential web leads and not providing your customers the user experience they expect.
  • Web Traffic
    The Computol development team is dedicated to making beautiful and easy to use products. Our goal is to help you determine what you need and then build a solution that is just right for your business. Computol can design and build a responsive website that adapts to the users device giving them a better experience that will improve your web traffic and convert more leads into sales.

    Call Computol today for a free consultation to find out how a responsive website can be designed to meet your clients demands and give your business an edge over the competition.