Jeff Hamons


I started Computol more than 30 years ago to provide and support state-of-the-art technology to businesses of all sizes. We help business like yours succeed by integrating directly as a team member. By using our extensive real world experience, we deliver the right solution for you and your company.

While it may seem a little old fashioned, our values are built around trust and availability. We believe we can earn your trust by providing quality, reliable products and services. Our availability makes us second-to-none, with phone, email, and local on-site support all day, everyday. It’s important to me that when you call Computol we answer the phone every single time.

Mission Statement

Computol’s mission is to provide technology services to small and medium sized businesses in the northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan area. We form personal, trusted relationships with our clients and help them find technology solutions to solve their business challenges. We strive to be the premier IT Services provider for our clients.

Industries We’ve Helped

  • Warehouse Management
  • Medical Offices and Hospitals
  • Community Organizations
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Fraternal Organizations
  • Service Providers
  • Large, Medium and Small Businesses

What Others Say About Us:

“Just think about what lost data or down time or customer not getting email will cost you. That is what Computol Monitoring will prevent.”

Security is another hot button in today’s world. Even with the best security (think banks) breaches can happen. I need Computol Monitoring to detect and catch breaches and attempted security hacks and DoS attacks and whatever the newest hack might be. Without it I’m going to be using those backups much more often after I have been blacklisted and my customers can’t receive my emails anymore. Most of my users are low level users and I need to know if when they tell me they can’t log on if I have a network problem or I have a user problem. Computol watches my network health so I have the peace of mind to concentrate on user training not server uptime. We have had less than 10 minutes of unplanned downtime in the last year. Every minute my network is down is money out of our pocket. Just think about what lost data or down time or customer not getting email will cost you. That is what Computol monitoring will prevent.

Marci Stahl IT Coordinator Ohio Logistics August 21, 2015