Computol Voice

Hosted VoIP

Integrated phone systems and collaboration tools improve your bottom line

Forward-thinking companies, like yours, recognize that integrated phone services and collaboration tools are key to competing in modern-day business. With our solutions you get amazing productivity gains for your organization. Recent studies have shown that properly configured phone systems result in higher customer satisfaction, profitability, productivity, and improved staff communication with lower employee turnover.

  • Packed with Features

    We deliver a complete hosted phone experience that has all the features of a big phone system in an affordable web hosted solution. All you need are phones and an internet connection. We keep the infrastructure updated so you always get the latest capabilities and features.

  • Training & Support

    We are here to manage your phones and network all in one place to keep things running smoothly and consistently. We can help if you have questions, want to make a change to your menu, or need to train a new employee on the phone system.

  • Experience

    Business-class features available to all users. Supports home, office and multi-location business offices. Multiple locations are treated as one system, allowing extension dialing between all sites. Use VoIP enabled devices such as cell phones, tablets, notebooks as your work phone.