Backup & Disaster Recovery


Cloud backups to keep your data protected

When disaster strikes – in the cyber realm or the real world – you want your business back up and running quickly. Backups of your critical data are stored in a remote and secure location able to be accessed when they are needed.

  • Critical Data

    We work with you to help you understand which data is critical to your business and where it is located digitally. We can then form a plan together for making copies of it to the cloud.

  • Secure Storage

    We keep your data in a secure cloud location. It is always encrypted at rest and when it is being sent to the cloud facility. For access, it is protected by multi-factor authentication so that anyone who accesses it is confirmed.

  • Speedy Recovery

    Deleted a file accidently? We can restore it for you. In the event that you need to restore a full server or larger set of data from the cloud, we are easily available when you need us.